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Kunshan Mingxu Ming Metal Material Co., Ltd.

Kunshan Mingxu Ming Metal Materials Co., Ltd. was established on November 6, 2013 and has an export license. It is a comprehensive strength enterprise specialized in processing, cutting and selling metal materials, hardware products, steel products and stainless steel coils.

The company is located in Kunshan, which is the first in the “Top 100 National Counties”. Relying on superior address locations, domestic high-quality steel mills and impeccable after-sales service, it enjoys a high reputation in both domestic and foreign markets and peers.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of “quality is not good, integrity is steel”, so that every batch of products issued from Ming Xuming speaks with quality, so that every Ming Xuming employee treats people with sincerity and let everyone choose Ming Xuming. The customer is satisfied. "To share the wind and rain, share the sunshine" is Ming Xuming's basic commitment to customers. "I worry about the customer's worries, and the joy of the customer is my joy" is the service tenet of each Ming Xuming employee.

We firmly believe that Ming Xuming, who is developing steadily, will certainly provide customers with more quality products and more perfect services and to meet the requirements of customers to the greatest extent, and live up to the expectations of customers.

Look forward to working with you to create a better tomorrow!

Export contact information:

Tel: 0512-55230411-106

mobiles: 15262657526

Contact: Mr. Shen

Business Email: way613@163.com

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Kunshan Minglida Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

Contact: Mr. Xu

Tel: 0512-55230411 turn 103

Mailbox: way613@163.com

Company website: www.tutorialing.com

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