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Quality inspection method in the production of stamping parts


Stamping is at the top of the four major processes of automobiles manufacturing. Stamping parts are the basis for the quality assurance of automobiles bodies. Its quality is directly related to the advantages and disadvantages of the whole vehicle. Its importance is self-evident. The quality inspection methods are as follows:

1, material inspection

The quality control of materials is divided into material acceptance inspection, pre- and post-material cleaning inspection, and pre-production inspection of materials. The aim is to confirm that the material quality meets the production requirements.

2, the first piece of 1 sequence inspection

The first part of the stamping part determines the quality of the entire batch, and the first part of the sequence inspection is an important part of the first inspection. The specific way to observe whether the workpiece has the mark, crack, wrinkles, deformation and other undesirable phenomena.

3, online partition check

100% inspection of stampings is mainly done by partition inspection, including visual inspection and tools.

4, the first piece, middle piece, tail piece extraction inspection

Quality control can be achieved with the first piece, middle piece and tail piece inspection.

5, the whole basket inspection of the parts

The quality of the whole basket after the basket is confirmed, which can avoid the outflow of bad parts caused by the inapplicability of the personnel basket and the station equipment.

6, the material sheet thinning rate detection

Using the plate thickness measuring instrument to detect the easy cracking of the parts analyzed by CAE and the cracking parts of the parts in the production, the risk of cracking of the parts can be early warning.

7, workpiece accuracy detection

Using tools to perform full-scale accuracy inspection of the parts (first piece), it is possible to warn the parts with large changes in the rate of advancement in advance to avoid affecting the dimensional accuracy of the whole vehicle.

8, defective product repair

Hand repair of defective products refers to the whole basket and the second sorting inspection of the parts after the parts are repaired. Its purpose is to repair the defects detected in various quality control projects, to avoid the outflow of defective products and to reduce the loss of scrap.

9, the second selection of parts inspection

The secondary sorting inspection after the production of easy-to-crack parts can avoid the outflow of defective products caused by the unchecked pre-existing inspections.

10, parts inspection

This is the last pass of the quality control of the parts. By reconfirming the outbound inspection, the outflow of defective products can be effectively avoided.

Various quality inspection methods can be summarized as pre-production control, production control, and post-production control. The precision stainless steel belt can achieve the goal of “not accepting defective products, not manufacturing defective products, and not discharging defective products”.

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