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Variety characteristics and classification of steel plates and steel strips


Steel sheets and steel strips are steels with a large surface area and a wide aspect ratio. It has great coverage and tolerance, and can be cut and combined according to the requirements of use, bending and stamping. Advanced technology and equipment can be used to produce in large quantities to ensure supply. It is not only widely used in the manufacture of various structural parts, mechanical parts and utensils and utensils of people's daily life, but also widely used as blanks for welded steel pipes, cold-formed steels and welded steels. It is the most widely used type of the national economy. Steel. At present, in the advanced capitalist countries such as the United States, Japan, and West Germany, steel plate production accounts for more than 50% of total steel production.

The steel sheets are supplied in sheets or in rolls, and the steel strips are mostly supplied in rolls. The specification of the sheet steel is expressed by thickness × width × length. The specifications of the rolled steel sheet and the stainless steel strip are expressed by thickness x width.

Steel sheets and strips can be rolled from different steel grades. In addition to classification by steel classification, they can be classified as follows.

(1) According to the different production and processing methods, it can be divided into hot-rolled steel sheets and cold-rolled steel sheets; trimmed steel sheets and aligned steel sheets. The final width of the trimmed steel plate is determined by shearing, the edges of the steel plate are relatively neat, and the edge quality is good. The longitudinal side of the edged steel sheet is rolled by a steel plate rolling mill with a vertical roll. After cutting, the edges of the steel sheet often have cracks and other defects.

(2) According to the surface condition of the steel plate, it can be divided into flat steel plate and pattern steel plate.

(3) Steel plates can be divided into three categories: thick steel plate, thin steel plate, precision stainless steel belt and foil.

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