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Introduction to stainless steel precision steel strip


The high-strength stainless steel precision strip steel product technology is recognized as the core technology in the world of stainless steel production. Because of its demanding precision tolerance, mechanical properties, surface roughness, brightness, hardness and other requirements, it has become a unique product in the strip industry.

1. The concept of stainless steel precision strip steel Generally, stainless steel and heat-resistant cold-rolled stainless steel strip with a thickness of 0.01-1.5 mm and strength of 600-2100 N/mm2 are defined as high-strength stainless steel precision strip. This is where the dimensions of the cold-rolled strip (slitting slitting) with a thickness in the range of 0.3 to 1.5 mm overlap, but only special rolled products and slitting products can meet the special requirements of precision strip.

2, the characteristics of high-strength stainless steel precision strip steel high-strength stainless steel precision strip steel belongs to the field of stainless steel specialization, considering the need to measure many parameters, and the current situation of China's stainless steel precision strip production standards, the characteristics of precision strip steel The following definitions have been made: width is below 600mm; thickness accuracy is ±0.001mm, width accuracy is ±0.1mm (Japan Toyo Standard). The surface quality can meet different user requirements, such as 2B surface with roughness Ra≤0.16 mm, BA surface with roughness Ra≤0.05 mm or other special surfaces.

The mechanical properties are very high, and the low or high yield stress or strength can be specified according to the different needs of the user.

The grain size is uniform, and the grain size of the fully annealed state is generally controlled at 7.0 to 9.0. For the hard product, the strength property is very uniform, and the hardness fluctuates between ±5 and 10 Hv. In addition, there are high requirements for flatness and edge quality.

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