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Stainless steel strip production method


1: Do not embroider the steel strip before starting the machine. It is necessary to check the rolling parts of the equipment and the electrical appliances. Some of them are safe and reliable, and if there is abnormal product upgrade, it is necessary to find relevant personnel to repair in time.

2: The accumulated materials on the work site should be regularly and fall back, and there should be no obstacles on the passage.

3: It is necessary for the operator to wear the factory uniform, tie the cuffs to the stainless steel strip, and wear the working cap, gloves and goggles.

4: Supervision mechanism when driving, it is forbidden to clean the equipment, refueling and repairing, and not to clean the work site. It is forbidden to touch the stainless steel strip by hand and roll some when driving.

5: Do not place things or other items on the equipment or maintenance cover while driving.

6: When using the electric hoist, the safety operation rules of the electric hoist should be observed. Check whether the wire rope is in good condition and pay attention to whether the hook is hung. Stainless steel strips are not allowed to be slanted when hanging stainless steel strips or stainless steel strips are suspended in the air during production.

7: When the operation is completed or the power is cut off halfway, the power should be blocked immediately.

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