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Citing the China Xinghua website report: Mr. Shen Degang, the general manager of our company, visited the low-income households in the hometown


Citing the local website report: Mr. Shen Degang, the general manager of our company, used the Chinese New Year holiday to visit the low-income and five-guarantee people in their hometown. Received the praise of the place!

  "Thank you, I can think of us when we go home for the New Year, and we will send you a condolence payment. Thank you very much!" Recently, Zhao Wanneng, a former businessman who has been in business for many years, returned to his village to express his condolences to the low-income households and the five-guarantee households. The households gave each of them a 400 yuan condolence payment, which was unanimously praised by the village cadres and masses.

  Shen Degang, Zhao Wancun, a member of the Nandian area, member of the 13th CPPCC National Committee. More than 20 years ago, under the impetus of the reform and opening up, he resolutely took the whole family out to start a business. After continuous hard work, he founded Kunshan Minglida Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. He succeeded in not forgetting the villagers in the village. He has been caring for the poor households in the village for many years. The subsistence allowance and the five guarantees are not falling. Before the Spring Festival this year. A total of 62 households were condolenced to the poor, and 24,800 yuan were distributed.

  Shen Degang’s deeds of not forgetting his native land and getting rich and not forgetting his neighbors were passed down by the folks.

Release date: 2018-02-13 Source: Zhang Guozhen

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