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The origin of tinplate


Tinplate is a tin plate coated with tin on the outside. It is not easy to rust, also known as tinplate. Tin is primarily used to avoid corrosion and rust. It combines the strength and formability of steel with the corrosion resistance, solderability and beautiful appearance of tin in a single material, which is corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, high-strength and ductile. This kind of coated steel plate is called "tinplate" for a long time in China. Some people think that because the tin-plated sheet for canning is imported from Macao, Guangdong Province (English name Macao can be read as Makou), it is called "tinplate". . There are also other sayings, such as the lamp head of kerosene lamp made by this kind of tin-plated sheet in China, which is called "tinplate". The title of "Tandil" is not accurate. Therefore, in 1973, China's tin-plated sheet meeting was called the tin-plated sheet, and the official document no longer used the title of "tinplate."

Tinplate is a metal container packaging material. The tinplate packaging container has many strengths such as high strength, good formability and strong compatibility with products. Now it has established an outstanding "word of mouth" in the international market. In addition to these, it also has outstanding sealing, preservation, light protection and consolidation. In addition to causing adverse reactions in food, light can also cause changes in proteins and amino acids. The exposure of vitamin C to light is more likely to cause effects with other food ingredients, resulting in a lot of loss. According to the analysis of the study, the loss of vitamin C in the glass bottled milk is 14 times higher than that of the dark bottled milk. It also causes oxidation and odor of milk, as well as cracking of nuclide and methionine to lose nutritional value. The opacity of the tin can makes the preservation rate of vitamin C the highest. Tinplate is used in a wide range of applications, from packaging materials for food and beverages to grease cans, chemical cans and other miscellaneous cans. The strengths and specialty contents of tinplate are well maintained physically and chemically.

Tinplate packaging containers are widely used by customers, and are widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily necessities packaging, instrumentation packaging, industrial packaging, and pesticide packaging. Including: food cans, beverage cans, chemical cans, spray cans, dry cans, grease cans, etc. Tinplate printing is also a physical property that uses water and ink to repel. By means of printing pressure, the printing plate is transferred to the tinplate by a blanket, which belongs to the principle of lithographic offset printing. Because the tinplate has a special physical property D and the reprocessing function of the printed matter, the printing process is quite different from the ordinary offset printing. Especially in the pesticide industry, there are strict requirements on the traceability code of the pesticide electronic label on the tinplate. Other occupations can be placed on the bottom of the bottle and the bottle cap (pull ring), but there is a requirement in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. The code must be placed on the electronic label of the bottle. In other directions, the manufacturer needs to apply for the code code to the Ministry of Agriculture. If you want to process the product on the assembly line, you need to use professional coding equipment.

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